Free Fire: Obtain Winterlands M1887 in Roll the Dice Event

John Dave Rossel
27/Dec/2020 07:26 am

Roll the Dice event is now live in Garena Free Fire.
The event features winter-themed weapons including the Winterlands M1887.
The event also gives small prizes like vouchers and bounty tokens.

Free Fire has been delivering a lot of events for its players. Operation Chrono is currently ongoing with various new game modes and unique items for players to collect. Recently, the devs have released a new event featuring a winter-themed shotgun named “Winterlands M1887.”

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The Roll the Dice Event

The new diamond event for Free Fire offers a wide variety of rewards for players. The event runs from Dec. 24 until Dec. 30th.

Free Fire: How to Obtain Winterland M1887 Shotgun in Roll the Dice EventRoll The Dice Event in Free Fire

The event is pretty straightforward. You spend diamonds to roll the dice to obtain treasure box tokens to redeem prizes. Each roll costs 20 diamonds, but you can save ten diamonds by opting to spin five rolls for only 90 diamonds. 

There are seven tiles on the board on which the player lands by rolling the dice. One of the tiles is a treasure box. Landing on the treasure box gives you tokens that you can exchange for various winter-themed weapons. 

The player will move across the tiles depending on the number you roll on the dice. If you land on one of the smaller tiles, you get a small random prize. Collecting treasure box tokens will allow you to redeem the Winterlands M1887 shotgun and other winter-themed weapons available in the redeem store.

Free Fire: How to Obtain Winterland M1887 Shotgun in Roll the Dice EventRedeem Weapons Using Treasure Box Tokens

Here is the list of things you can redeem using the treasure box tokens;

  • #1 SPAS12 - Winterlands – 1 Treasure Box
  • #2 MP40 - Winterlands – 2 Treasure Box
  • #3 M14 - Winterlands – 2 Treasure Box
  • #4 Groza - Winterlands – 2 Treasure Box
  • #5 M1887 - Winterlands – 5 Treasure Box

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Apart from the grand prizes, players can also obtain smaller prizes for landing on the smaller tiles on the board, such as:

  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Gold Royale Voucher
  • Aqua Scar Box
  • Ice Blue Gun Box
  • Santa M60 Box
  • Winterlands Gun Box
  • Endless Oblivion Badge
  • 50x Universal Fragment
  • Bounty Token
  • Summon Airdrop
  • Pet Food

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