PUBG Mobile Banned Over 2 Million Accounts for Hacking, Last Week

John Dave Rossel
22/Dec/2020 09:40 am

PUBG Mobile Banned Over 2 Million Accounts for Hacking.
31% of the hackers banned were using Character Model Modifiers.
2% of Conqueror ranked players are banned for cheating.

PUBG Mobile has been at war with hackers in their game for quite some time now. The devs have kept improving their anti-cheat system to ensure that hackers will not freely run rampant in the game. Based on the report they posted this Dec. 21, 2020, over 2,127,454 accounts were banned for hacking in the game from Dec. 11 to 17.

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The PUBG Mobile Ban Hammer Strikes Again

Hacking has been one of the main problems of PUBG Mobile. The more the game rises in popularity, the more hackers it attracts. These hackers ruin the fun in the game for players who play fair and square. With the help of the community who report these hackers, the devs aim to improve their anti-cheat system and ban those who modify the game to gain an unfair advantage.

In a Twitter post from the official PUBG Mobile, they revealed that 2,127,454 accounts were banned for cheating in the game in just one week. The banned accounts include ones using hacks like auto-aim, x-ray, speed hacks, and character model modification. 

Here is the breakdown of the population of hackers based on the exploits they use.

  • X-Ray Vision - 18%
  • Auto-aim - 15%
  • Character Model Modification - 31%
  • Speed Hacks - 11%
  • Area Damage Hacks - 12%
  • Unspecified Hacks - 13%

Hackers have also used their exploits in ranked games, ruining the competitive aspect of the game. The population for the banned hackers in each rank is as follows; 

  • Bronze Rank - 22%
  • Silver Rank - 9% 
  • Gold Rank - 12%
  • Platinum - 15%
  • Diamond - 17%
  • Crown - 15%
  • Ace - 8%
  • Conqueror 2%

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PUBG Mobile stated that it would continue to fight the spread of hackers in the game. It also said that with the gaming community’s help with reporting hackers, the hackers’ population would continue to dwindle, making the game much more competitive and fun for everyone. 


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