How to Get CODM's Ghost Stealth Character for Free

John Dave Rossel
21/Dec/2020 10:54 am

CODM is giving away Ghost Stealth character for free.
You can claim your free character by linking your CODM account to your Activision account.
If you linked your Activision account before this event, you will still receive the reward later.

Season 13 has just started, and Activision has a small surprise for every player of Call of Duty: Mobile. Along with the new weapons and maps that came along with Season 13, the game is giving away the Ghost Stealth character for free. Here is how you can claim it. 

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How to Get Ghost Stealth Character in CODM?

Every player who logs in and updates the game to the latest update can get the Ghost Stealth character for free. The process is as follows; 

  1. Make sure you update your game to the Season 13 update.
  2. Head to the in-game settings.
  3. Link your in-game account to your Activision account.
  4. How to Get COD Mobile's Ghost Stealth Character for FreeYou can find the Link button in the upper side of the game.
  5. There are three options to link your account. Tap on "Call of Duty" to link your account to your Activision Account.
  6. You will be directed to the Activision Website where you can log in to your account. 
  7. If you don’t have an Activision account yet, simply click “create an account and fill in the information asked”
  8. Once you have linked your Activision account, you can log in to your account and claim your reward in the in-game mail. 

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This event is only for players who haven’t linked their Activision accounts yet. However, the devs have stated that old players who have already linked their accounts should hang tight. Everyone who has linked their Activision accounts before or after the event will receive the free Ghost Stealth Character. If the player already has the character, the duplicate will be converted into credits. 


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