Why is Guardian Angel the most OP item in Wild Rift

John Dave Rossel
18/Dec/2020 10:16 am

The Wild Rift community discovered an item that is too powerful and cheap in the game.
Guardian Angel work too well with the Champion rune and is being abused by players.
The community is trying to reach out for Riot Games for a way to fix this item.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is taking the world by storm. The game has received a lot of support from its fans. Along with fans' warm welcome comes a community where people share their builds and analysis of the game’s current meta. Recently, players have begun to discover an item that is just way too overpowered: the Guardian Angel. 

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What is the Guardian Angel in Wild RIft?

The Guardian Angel is an in-game item that is available in Wild Rift. It revives the player after receiving lethal damage and has a 3-minute cooldown. Along with the revival passive, the item gives you additional 45 attack damage and 40 armor. 

Why is Guardian Angel the most OP item in Wild RiftGuardian Angel's Description

Why is Guardian Angel OP?

The item is worth 2,900 gold, which is cheap compared to other core items that give Attack Damage. This makes the item an ideal first item to build because it costs less and gives a fair amount of additional stats. 

The item by itself is not that special. But if it is used with a rune named “Champion,” it makes you almost indestructible. This, of course, doesn’t work on mages and is only for ADCs who rely on attack damage. 

One of the champions that benefits a lot from this combo is Jhin. He is a unique marksman that has a limit to his attack speed. However, in exchange, his basic attacks deal a ridiculous amount of damage. His 4th basic attack is guaranteed critical damage. Therefore, if you are ahead in level and gold, you can potentially deal half of your enemy’s health with just one basic attack. 

Why is Guardian Angel the most OP item in Wild RiftJhin's Passive Skill

Using the “Champion” rune further amplifies your damage by 10%. The downside to this rune is that you lose 5% of the rune’s buff, so dying twice would make this rune useless every time you die. It’s a high-risk, high-reward rune. But if you know what you’re doing, you can completely take over the game.

Here is where the Guardian Angel gets overpowered. If you buy this item first, you won’t have to worry about dying because you get a free revive every 3 minutes. This lessens your risk of losing the 10% damage buff from your rune. The rune then turns into a low-risk, high-damage.

Why is Guardian Angel the most OP item in Wild RiftThe "Champion" Rune's Effect

Jhin gets a huge power spike in the first 5 minutes of the match with this item and will snowball if given a chance. This has been abused by high ranked players who play assassins and marksman champions.

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The Wild Rift community discussed how Riot Games could fix the issues with this item. Players suggest that Riot needs to limit how many revives the player can get, similar to how Arena of Valor (AOV) limits the revive passive of items three times per match. 

However, the Wild Rift devs remain tight-lipped about this matter. Players speculate that the item will likely be nerfed in the next patch update, just like how Ezreal was nerfed after players started complaining about the champion’s unbalanced damage scaling.


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