Mobile Legends Further Optimizes Their Game

John Dave Rossel
16/Dec/2020 10:40 am

Moonton post a YouTube video about their upcoming performance update for MLBB.
MLBB will have improved loading times and smarter resource downloading.
Specific date for the update is yet to be announced.

Moonton has been working on delivering the best gaming experience for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). This time, they deliver more optimization features that will make the game much more smooth gameplay, with fewer crashes, and faster resource downloading.

Mobile Legends Performance Optimization 

The official YouTube channel of Mobile Legends has posted a new video featuring their latest features that further enhance the game’s performance for mobile devices.

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With everyone’s complaints about Mobile Legends' stuttering and network issues, the devs have come up with a solution for these problems. The game will recommend the best settings according to the device’s model and settings. Memory reallocations are also further optimized to reduce frame rate drops. This ensures that every player can have the best experience on their mobile phones. 

Loading Efficiency

After the optimization, the average loading time will be reduced to 30%, allowing players to jump right into the game and less time staring at the loading screen. 

In-game Download Efficiency

New notifications have been added that notify the player if the resources have been fully downloaded. Mobile Legends will dynamically decide on which resources to download based on the player’s device. This ensures that your performance won’t be affected by downloading HD resources that your device can’t handle.

Moonton has also improved the way resources are downloaded to make it faster without having a drastic impact when players are playing the game while downloading resources in the background. 

Reducing Game Crashes

The community has been experiencing frequent crashes randomly on lower-end mobile devices. However, it looks like Moonton is finally taking steps to fix this issue.

The new feature enhances the packages that the game downloads to ensure every device downloads the most compatible packages. This will reduce crashes due to incompatible resource packages and further increase download speed. 

Reconnect Experience

This feature enhances the way player reconnects to the game if they get disconnected. Instead of reconnecting back to the main lobby, the player will automatically reconnect to the match loading screen. This will reduce the time it takes to get back into the game. 

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Moonton hasn’t specified a specific date for the release of these features, but it was announced that it will be added to the regular Mobile Legends servers very soon. 


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