INTZ Esports Announces Wild Rift Roster

John Dave Rossel
6/Dec/2020 11:16 am

INTZ Esports announced their Wild Rift Content Creation Team.
The team will travel to Turkey to have early access to the game.
No confirmation from INTZ Esports if they are going to build a professional team for Wild Rift.

While Wild Rift is still in its open beta phase, several esports organizations that are yet to have access to the game in their region have already decided to migrate their teams to other areas with access to Wild Rift.  

One such organization is INTZ Esports. They announced their Wild Rift Content Creators and their plans to travel to Turkey to have early access to the game and make Wild Rift Exclusive content for their fans.

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Who is INTZ Esports?

INTZ Esports is a multi-gaming organization founded in June 2014 in Brazil. They are widely known as a League of Legends(LOL) team and has participated in one of the biggest LOL tournament, the League of Legends World Championship. 

This Brazillian team also acquired the most trophies in the Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends (CBLOL), a professional esports event in Brazil. 

INTZ Esports Wild Rift Team Announcement

The official Twitter of INTZ Esports posted an image of their Wild Rift Team. The caption states that their Wild Rift Content Creators will travel to Turkey to gain early access to the game and produce Wild Rift Exclusive Content for their fans. 

The team comprises popular Brazillian video game content creators Ludisz, BR Pro Master, Royale, Tato, Feder, and Zerg. 

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Currently, it is unclear if Intz Esports is looking to pick up a professional esports team. Most fans have speculated that this roster will not be competing in Wild Rift esports and would instead focus on content creation or streaming.


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