Free Fire Continental Series(FFCS) Asia, Americas, and EMEA Grand Final Winners

John Dave Rossel
30/Nov/2020 08:38 am

Exp Esports, Team Liquid, and Sbornaya ChR Win The Free Fire Continental Series(FFCS) Grand Finals.

Free Fire Continental Series 2020(FFCS), one of the biggest Free Fire tournaments featuring a total $900,000 USD prize pool, has concluded for Asia, Americas, and EMEA regions. Each winner fought valiantly against 12 contenders to earn the title of Series Champion.

The FFCS was introduced earlier this year as a replacement for the Free Fire World Series(FWS), as a precaution for the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike the FWS, FFCS matches are held online. There are three regional continental series being played in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia. Each has a prize pool of $300,000 and is played online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

FFCS Asia Series Champion - EXP Esports

The Thai team EXP Esports won the title of FFCS Asia Series Champion by a single point against King of Gamers Club with a 41- 40 score. The single point was all they needed to clutch the match and bring home the title and the lion's share of the $300,000 USD prize pool. 

EXP Esports earned the title with 161 points and 41 kills. Finishing in 2nd place was King of Gamers Club(KOG) with 160 points and 40 kills who won a total of $50,000 USD. Following in third place was RQQ Hades with 133 points and 26 kills who brought home a prize of $30,000 USD

EXP esports dominated the first three matches securing 23 kills and 78 points. They were followed by RQQ Hades and KOG sitting in second and third place. KOG then dominated the next 2 matches allowing them to grab the first place spot with 146 points and 36 kills. They had a 28 point lead over EXP esports heading into the last game.

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In a thrilling finale, EXP Esport had the last laugh in the Kalahari map securing 8 kills, which was barely enough to clutch the win going past KOG by one point securing them the FFCS title.

Final Standing for FFCS Asia Series

FFCS Asia Series Final Standings

FFCS Americas Series Champion - Team Liquid

In one of the most closely contested tournaments of all time, Team Liquid snatched the title by a whisker and went home as the FFCS Americas Series Champion with a prize of $80,000 USD. 

Team Liquid won FFCS Americas SeriesCredits: Garena Free Fire

Team Liquid and Santos Hotforex finished the FFCS Americas Series with the same points of 151, but Team Liquid was behind in the kills department with a score of 36 to Santos Hotforex’s 38. However, they edged out the win due to better average placement. Following in third place is SS Esports with 136 kills and 39 kills, going home with a $30,000 USD. 

Team Liquid has established themselves as one of the best Free Fire Esports Team in America and winning the FFCS Americas Series further cements their place on the top. Santos Hotforex fought well, but this time, Team Liquid takes the crown. 

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Final Standing for FFCS Americas Series

  1. Team Liquid 151 Points, 36 Kills
  2. Santos Hotforex 151 Points, 38 Kills
  3. SS Esports 136 Points, 39 Kills
  4. paiN Gaming 121 Points, 30 Kills
  5. Flamengo B4 110 Points, 26 Kills
  6. Vivo Keyd 103 Points, 24 Kills
  7. Red Kalunga 74 Points, 7 Kills
  8. Arctic Gaming 70 Points, 9 Kills
  9. Cruzeiro 69 Points, 15 Kills
  10. Ignis Esports 48 Points, 7 Kills
  11. Savage Esports 47 Points, 8 Kills
  12. Team Aze 26 Points, 5 Kills

FFCS EMEA Series Champion - Sbornaya ChR

Unlike the other two regions, which were close affairs, the FFCS EMEA had one team dominate its standings. Sbornaya ChR with 158 points and 36 kills easily won the FFCS EMEA Series Champions. The next closest team was Silence who had secured 124 points and 26 kills. 

Sbornaya ChR completely dominated the battlefield securing a 34 point lead against Silence and became the champions of the FFCS EMEA Series. The two teams were followed by third-place Stay Away with 109 points and 31 kills. Silence tried to close the gap but Sbornaya ChR’s MVP “Tumso,” who was unstoppable with an average of 2.17 kills per game, ensured that his team maintained their lead.

Final Standing for FFCS EMEA Series

FFCS EMEA Series Final Standings

Overall, according to Esports charts, the FFCS had an average viewership of 465,955 with the Free Fire Continental Series 2020 Asia peaking with 1,581,517 viewers tuning into the game.


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