MLBB: Blacklist International Flexes Oheb's 96 Win Streak

John Dave Rossel
25/Nov/2020 12:27 pm

Blacklist International flexes their new recruit Oheb's 96 win-streak.
Win-streak ended when defeated by their own fans.
Oheb to participate on the upcoming One Esports MPL Invitationals.

Blacklist International posted their new recruit Oheb’s 96 game MLBB win-streak milestone on social media. Fans were amazed at how big his win-streak was and how it was achieved on Ranked Matches. Now, the hunt is on to break this win streak. 

Who is Oheb in MLBB?

Kiel “Oheb'' Soriano is an esports athlete and a former member of Amihan Cosmic Esports. He was recruited by Blacklist International where he joined the team along with ESON, OhMyV33NUS, Wise, Dex Star, and Edward to compete in the upcoming MPL Invitational. He plays Offlane/Tank in most of his games.

The group mostly play ranked games together, while streaming it. Oheb’s teammates happen to be streaming their ranked games and have captured losing his 96 win streak. 

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Oheb’s Win Streak

Blacklist International Celebrates their new recruits milestone by posting Oheb's win streak on their social media accounts.

After Oheb lost his 96 win streak in the hands of his own fans, his teammate Wise then commented on Blacklist International's post and jokingly blamed the post for jinxing it. 

MLBB: Blacklist International Flexes Oheb's 96 Win Streak“Blacklist shared it so it got broken. You can blame Kiel Gaming,” said Wise.

The players who managed to break Oheb’s win streak also jumped in to the fun and posted their match result claiming that they were the ones who broke his win streak. Other fans also commented that it was inevitable. Audiences watching the stream noted that Oheb and his team were getting connection problems and couldn’t play well. Apparently, Wise had also used the wrong emblem and didn’t bother to remake the match. 

Oheb has shown promise as an offlane/tank player of Blacklist International. Many of his fans from when he was still in Amihan Cosmic have followed him to Blacklist and are now supporting him more than ever. All he needs to do now, is to prove his skill in the upcoming One Esports MPL Invitationals.  

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What is Blacklist International

Blacklist International is the esports label of Tier One Entertainment. They have participated in MLBB One Esports MPL tournaments since Season 2. They ranked 5th place in season 5 of the MPL Esports event.


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