Tempo Storm Manager Monica Wang Called Out Over Power Abuse

Shounak Sengupta
5/Sep/2020 04:50 pm

Tempo Storm manager, Monica Wang embroiled in controversy.
Prominent figures from the NA PUBG Mobile community allege that she abused her position of power.
Monica is yet to respond.

For the second time this year, Tempo Storm manager Monica Wang finds herself in hot waters, this time with prominent community figures calling her out over abusing her powers and role as a person with influence. In January of 2020, she was also involved in a controversy with Boosted Esports in a similar incident after she banned the team from scrims for choosing to contest her team’s landing spot. Many found her actions to be an abuse of her position as the scrim organizer as they felt that contesting a drop spot was not the right reason for banning a team. Yesterday, notable figures in the PUBG Mobile North American community including other managers and pro players brought to light several other incidents where Monica had allegedly used her position unfairly. 

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Accusations by MrXFlip

The accusations started when caster and content creator MrXFlip sent out a series of tweets detailing how Monica had taken over scrims in the North American region when he was on a break. On his return, Monica threatened teams and forced them from not playing in MrXFlip’s SNAP series. Despite his attempts at rescheduling Monica used her position as Tempo Storm’s manager to bully teams into playing her scrims. This effectively forced MrXFlip to take a step back from hosting scrims, jeopardizing his career and source of income. 

Accusations by Sakumai

Following this, NA community figure, Sakumai also posted about her grievances with Monica calling her “cut-throat, fake and two-faced”. She accused Monica of sabotaging other events countless times, including the one that Impact Network were currently organizing. She went on to say "She not only degraded our events, she purposely **went out of her way** to convince teams to play scrims instead of our league which was pre-scheduled since the beginning of August." You can read her entire post here. 

Accusations by Karnage

Pro player for the Pittsburgh Knights, Karim 'Karnage' Edwards also alluded to similar behavior by Monica in the past. He specifically mentions a time when teams from NA were travelling to Malaysia for the PMCO Fall 2019 Finals. Players from multiple teams were stuck in Hawaii and Karnage, then with OMEN Elite, was was able to find tickets of a particular flight and then showed it to Monica. In turn, Monica asked him to not book the tickets and ended up booking them for her and her Tempo Storm players. This left the OMEN Elite players stranded and they ended up having to shell out extra to eventually reach the tournament. He also revealed that Monica had attempted to poach contracted players from various teams at different times and in fact had poached players from Karnage's teams in the past. You can read Karnage's full post here.

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Apart from these three, other names such as former Tempo Storm player, Niko and Catlyn have all backed up these allegations with similar stories. AFK Gaming has reached out to Monica but are yet to receive a response. 


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