PMCO India - GXR-Celtz Eliminated as TeamX Turn on the Magic

Shounak Sengupta
31/Aug/2020 12:29 pm
  • TeamXSpark win PMCO India Fall 2020.
  • PMPL South Asia S1 Champions, GXR-Celtz eliminted.

PMPL Season 1 Champions Galaxy Racer Celtz found themselves eliminated from the Fall Season after failing to qualify for PMPL South Asia Season 2. The team had a very off showing at the PMCO India Finals, finishing in ninth place, nine points away from qualification. There was of course a lot of debate regarding whether the team should have been directly invited to the PMPL, but as per the PUBG Mobile officials, slots were given according to the season one league stage placements and the results of the finals had no bearings on the decision. Meanwhile, one of the season’s hottest prospects, TeamXSpark managed to bag the win and more importantly established themselves as potential prospects for the PMPL championship. Joining them the Pro League will be Future Station, Stalwart Esports, Fintox and Team Insane

TeamXSpark Wins PMCO India Fall 2020

TeamX won the competition with a 24 point lead which is pretty significant considering it was only a 12 match set. The team were also had 66 kills to their name, 3 behind Fintox's 69. Aditya was the lead fragger for the team and the competition with a whopping 32 frags to his name, almost as much as the rest of his team combined. 

GXR Celtz and Team Tamilas were the only two invited teams at the PMCO India finals, having participated in the previous edition of the PMPL. However neither will be coming to the Pro League in the Fall Season. It will certainly be an odd sight to not have the defending champions in the competition whose run from no-namers to champions of the region was truly magical. 

Future Station's Saumraj also had a good performance chipping in with 27 kills out his team's 54. His efforts took his team to the second spot and helped them with 5 top 5 finishes along with a chicken dinner. With both PMCO India and PMOC South Asia now coming to an end, we have 21 of the 24 teams who will play in Season 2 of PMPL South Asia. The other 3 teams will be decided via PMCO Pakistan, which is currently underway. 

PMPL Season 2 teams:

Orange Rock - Invited

TSM-Entity - Invited

Nova-Godlike - Invited

SynerGE - Invited 

Megastars - Invited 

Fnatic - Invited 

Marcos Gaming - Invited 

Team Soul - Invited 

VSG Crawlers - Invited 

Element Esports - Invited 

UMumba - Invited 

Team IND - Invited 

TeamXSpark - PMCO India

FutureStation Esports - PMCO India

Stalwart Esport - PMCO India 

Fintox Esports - PMCO India 

Team iNSANE - PMCO India 

DRS Gaming - PMCO South Asia (Nepal)

Deadeyes Guy - PMCO South Asia (Nepal)

PN Crew - PMCO South Asia (Nepal)

Inertia Esports - PMCO South Asia (Bangladesh)

PMPL South Asia Season 2 will kick off in the month of September, but the exact dates and schedule are yet to be revealed. 


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