A Newcomers Guide to PUBG Mobile Lingo

Shounak Sengupta
26/Aug/2020 03:26 pm

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular titles on mobile and with a player base in the high millions, the title has managed to transcend from just a videogame to a pop culture phenomena. An entire community of PUBG Mobile players now can be spotted submerged into their own worlds, speaking to their friends in their own language and making sense to only those who are part of the community. If you are a newcomer to the game, this new vocabulary may confuse you, even intimidate you, but don’t worry, cause AFK Gaming has you covered. Here are some of the popular terms and words that PUBG Mobile players use and what they mean:

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6 Commonly Used PUBG Mobile Terms

Boom Bam - This is a term popularized by Indian streamers and pro players which refers to anything exciting that can happen. The term has gone from just a play on the map to actual performance in a tournament to even describing things in real life. Just about anything can be Boom Bam for a PUBG Mobile player. For example, 'the last circle on Erangel was full on Boom Bam.'

TPP - Third Person Perspective. Since the game is played popularly in this mode, using TPP is a crucial part of winning engagements. TPP can be used to scout around and beyond cover and look at the environment from a safe position. When someone asks you to use or 'do' TPP, they are asking you to keep yourself in cover and scout for information. The opposite of TPP is FPP or the first person perspective. 

NT - This is the short form for 'nice try'. It is used to encourage those who make a genuinely good effort but end falling coming short. Most commonly used in scenarios where someone is left alone in a 1vX situation and are able to make some good plays before eventually going down. But can be used in almost any scenario where a player make a valiant effort. 

OP - This stands for overpowered and is commonly used as a complement for a player. For example 'Mortal is a OP player'. It can also be used to describe mechanics which may be broken or better than other such as 'M4 is an OP gun' or 'this Pharaoh set is OP'. 

ADS - This refers to Aim down the sight. It's the opposite of hip firing. ADS means to open up your scope or sight and keep it trained on a location that you suspect enemies to be at. If someone is asking you to ADS it basically means that you have to keep your gun aimed at a particular location so that your teammate can approach it safely. 

Prefire - Prefiring is a common mechanic which refers to firing without spotting the enemy. It's used more in close quarter situations to clear corners and rooms as you don't know what lies in store.

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