PUBG MOBILE Introduces New Points System For Next Season

Shounak Sengupta
10/Aug/2020 08:13 am

The PUBG MOBILE Esports team has unveiled a new scoring system for the new season. The new system will focus heavily on kills and sees a big reduction in points for placement, especially at the higher level. The change is expected to significantly change the way the game is played and might allow different teams with different skill sets to shine. 

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The New Points System

Each kill will continue to give one point. However, the points received for placements have been changed. 

PositionNew SystemOld System
13 - 1601

What Does this Mean? 

One very important change will be the importance of kills. Since the placement points have been reduced across much of the board, teams will have to prioritize kills over anything else. Coming second with 3 more kills is now more valuable than 1st with 3 less as most tie breakers take into account the total number of kills. Teams placing in the bottom 4 will receive no points while those in the 8th to 12th position will receive just one point each. This too is a very big change. 

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Predictions for the upcoming season:

  • Winning a chicken dinner will not be a priority for most teams.
  • Teams who lose players early will focus more on taking cheeky kills than surviving and trying to get into the top 7. 
  • Average points accumulated during a tournament will come down.
  • Teams finishing second or third will have a very realistic chance of having more points than the winners. 
  • There might be lesser teams in the end game circles as teams who start losing players will start prioritizing kills over placement. 
  • Teams will want to avoid early game fights and some teams will have to adjust their usual drop points and rotations to fit the new system.

The Fall season of PUBG MOBILE will begin later this month and will see regional PUBG Mobile CLub Open matches across 16 regions and sub-regions. PMCO matches are set to begin as early as August 11. The PMCO will then roll up to the PUBG Mobile Pro League or PMPL, which will then roll up to the respective PUBG Mobile World Leagues. Plans for the PUBG Mobile World Championship, in December have also been revealed, but a confirmation for the same is expected on August 24. The new points system will be used in competitive games, starting from PMPL Season 2. This means that the PMCO Fall Split 2020 matches will be played under the old points system.


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