PMWL Finals - RRQ Dominate Day 2 as BTR Take the Lead

Shounak Sengupta
7/Aug/2020 06:14 pm

Thailand’s RRQ Athena jumped to the third spot after a trio of chicken dinners on day 2. The team jumped to third place courtesy of a day that saw them average a whopping 18.5 points per match. Meanwhile, Indonesia’s Bigetron took the lead from BOX Gaming and are now 16 points clear at the top. The last match of the day also provided one of the most entertaining finishes of competitive PUBG Mobile history as an ending in water forced some really comical results. 

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Bigetron Climb to the Top Spot

Defending champions, Bigetron Red Aliens managed to take the lead on day 2 after a relatively slow performance by Vietnam’s BOX Gaming. BTR managed 1 chicken dinner and a top 3 finish to seize the top spot. The team’s performance over the first two days has been confident and full of intent and Luxxy, Zuxxy and company have clearly established that they are the prime candidates to take home the trophy. 

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Fist Fight in the Water

One of the day’s highlight moments came in the last game on Erangel. SynerGE’s Ted and three players from RRQ Athena were involved in a finish in the Erangel river. Playing around a half-submerged rock, Ted found inches of space and managed to punch two of the RRQ players to death. However, Earnny managed to avoid Ted and having signifiant health advantage, just waited for the final circle to collapse and finish off Ted. Water endings are incredibly rare as the game is designed to shift away from water towards the later circles, but when do take place, they can be so entertaining. 

PMWL East finals day 2 - kill leadersImage via PUBG Mobile Esports

South Asia Still Searching For Their First Chicken Dinner

A second slow day for teams from South Asia, who are still searching for their first chicken dinner after 12 games. Teams from the region are in the middle of the table with Team IND and Orange Rock having had a slightly better time due to better finishes. OR found themselves in the top 5 on multiple occasions on day 2 while Team IND have been been picking up points consistently across all their games. 

The competition is still quite close and while a few teams have fallen behind, there are many who could have a say in who wins and who finishes where. Practically, even BTR don't have a lead that should give them a comfortable night's sleep and there are quite a few names breathing down their necks. With 2 days and 12 matches remaining in the PMWL grand finals, the competition is still as open as ever. 


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