New World League Slots Added For SEA - RRQ And Morph Team Qualifies

Shounak Sengupta
15/Jun/2020 12:39 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @PUBG MOBILE Esports

  • Two slots added to PMWL East for SEA Teams.
  • RRQ Athena and Morph Team qualify on the basis on SEA Finals results. 

One of PUBG MOBILE's biggest names, RRQ will be breathing a sigh of relief as the addition of new slots to the World League will see them be able to play in the prestigious tournament. The team had earlier failed to qualify, missing opportunity by 12 points when they placed 4th in the SEA Finals. Having added new slots to the World League for South Asia just a couple of days back, even SEA will get new slots. As a result, RRQ Athena and Morph Team will be moving to the World League as they are the top two seeds from the SEA Finals. 

With this the PUBG MOBILE World League East Division, now comprises of 20 teams, which includes:

Bigetron Red Aliens - PMPL Indonesia #1 Seed

Valdus Esports (formerly known as Illuminate) - PMPL Thailand #1 Seed

Team Secret - PMPL MYSG #1 Seed

Box Gaming - PMPL Vietnam #1 Seed

Yoodo Gank - SEA Finals #1 Seed (Malaysia)

King of Gamers Club - SEA Finals #2 Seed (Thailand)

RRQ Athena - SEA Finals #3 Seed (Thailand)

Morph Team - SEA Finals #4 Seed (Indonesia) 

Orange Rock - PMPL SA League #1 Seed

TSM-Entity - PMPL SA League #2 Seed

Godlike - PMPL SA League #3 Seed

SynerGE - PMPL SA League #4 Seed

Celtz - PMPL SA Finals #1 Seed

Megastars - PMPL SA Finals #2 Seed

Team IND - PMPL SA Finals #3 Seed

U Level Up - PMPL Chinese Taipei #1 Seed

Xenon - PUBG MOBILE Street Challenge #1 Seed (South Korea)

Reject Scarlett - Japan Championship

Free Style - PMCO Pakistan

NoChance Team - PMCO Wildcard   


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