PMPL South Asia Spring Finals - Celtz Surprise On Day 1 With Top Spot, As Orange Rock Continue To Impress

Shounak Sengupta
12/Jun/2020 05:56 pm
  • Celtz sits on top of the table at the end of day 1 of the PMPL South Asia Finals. 
  • The top 3 teams barring those who already qualified via the league stage will advance to the World League at the end of 3 days. 

A surprising result at the end of day 1 at the PMPL South Asia Finals sees the very underrated squad, Celtz claim the top spot. The team were quite consistent with both frags and placements, picking up 27 kills, 3 top 5 finishes which included a chicken dinner. While it’s just day 1 of the 3 day grand finale, the team have put themselves in a realistic position to at least grab a World League spot.

In second place are the ever impressive Orange Rock, who were the champions of the league stage. The team picked up 2 chicken dinners in just 5 matches, but unfortunately were eliminated quite early in the 3 remaining games. The team also went head to head against TSM-Entity in a 4v4 fight in Miramar, but ended up losing to the squad who they’ve had a few beefs with, in the last week. TSM-Entity though, won’t have too much to gloat about as they are in 10th place with a disappointing string of results on the opening day. Another squad who had a quiet first day were SynerGE, who despite one chicken dinner ended in 11th place on the table. 

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While Orange Rock, TSM-Entity, Godlike and SynerGE have secured their place in the World League, the likes of Marcos Gaming, Megastars, Fnatic and 9 other squads are very much in the running. Other than Celtz’s inspired performance, Marcos Gaming ended the day in 4th place and have the highest number of kills at 28, tying with 5th placed UMumba. 

Image via @PUBG MOBILE Esports

Fnatic’s decision to drop Sc0utOP for Ronak seemed to work for the squad as they upped their game towards the end of the day, allowing them to end in 6th position. However, the experienced SouL and Team IND continue to struggle with Mortal and company failing to finish inside the top 5 in a single match.While it’s just the opening, teams have to remember that the margin for error is much lower than it was in the league stages and with only 10 matches remaining, every map, every rotation, every kill and placement point will make a difference. 


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