MortaL Confirms That SouL Will Add A New Player and A Coach; Possible Expansion To More Titles

Shounak Sengupta
9/Jun/2020 03:52 pm
  • Mortal discussed the future of Soul's PUBG MOBILE lineup and what is in store for the future. 
  • He also spoke about the possibility of his organization stepping in to other titles in the coming year. 

In his 5 Million subscriber celebration stream, SouL’s Mortal spoke about some exciting news for fans of the team. The player mentioned that the team will be adding a new player to the roster along with a coach. This  player could either be someone who is a new face in the scene but could also be someone with vast experience and the team hasn’t decided on it yet. While many speculated that Sangwan would be leaving the squad as he was playing with Element Esports in PMIS 2020, MortaL clarified that it will not be the case. Sangwan will remain with SouL and only represent Element for PMIS. Currently SouL are a 5 man squad with Aman, Viper, MortaL, Regaltos and Sangwan but there is some speculation behind Aman's future with the organization. MortaL did not mention Aman during the discussion and has already said earlier that news regarding Aman's future will be revealed via SouL's official Instagram handle. 

Mortal also spoke about the fact that SouL are looking to expand to other titles and are potentially looking at 2 titles in the coming year. This will be the first time that the organization will be stepping outside PUBG MOBILE. However, they are looking for sponsors for the same and things are in process. The team was recently playing in the PMPL South Asia league where they were criticized for their mediocre performance. However, the team can still qualify to the World League via the South Asia Finals which are set to kick of next week. 


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