PMPL South Asia Week 3: Godlike Mount Comeback On Penultimate Day To Keep Things Interesting

Shounak Sengupta
7/Jun/2020 10:42 am
  • Godlike improve their position on day 3 of the final week to give themselves the edge in securing a top 3 finish. 
  • Orange Rock and TSM-Entity are already in prime position for the number 1 and 2 spots thanks to a big lead. 

Despite having suffered a rough patch in the last few game days, Godlike bounced back with a spark in their eyes to reclaim their top 3 spot. The team have been overshadowed by SynerGE in the last few days, who are currently sitting in third with a 12 point lead. SynerGE's performance in week three is likely to make them the top performers for the current week and they need 18 points or more in their one remaining game to break the record for the highest points in a week. However, while Godlike will play 5 matches on the final day, 4 more than SynerGE.

Image via @PUBG MOBILE Esports

The battle for top spot also rages between Orange Rock and TSM-Entity as OR lead the table with a 15 point lead. However, second placed TSM have one game in hand to make up for the deficit. Both teams have realistically secured a top 3 spot and with it guaranteed spots in the World League. They will be joined by either SynerGE or Godlike, with Godlike having a much better shot theoretically. 

Meanwhile another battle brews in the bottom half of the table, where team’s are fighting to avoid relegation. It has mostly boiled down to team’s from Nepal and Bangladesh along with Team Tamilas from India. Deadeyes Guy are the ones in most danger as they sit in last place 44 points behind the next team with just 4 games remaining. JyanMaara is another team whose fates aren’t fully in their hands as the team will play just one game tomorrow. Elementrix, Team Tamilas, Instinct Esports and Hype are all masters of their own fate but it’s expected that some of them will be unable to continue their season. 

The final day of the PMPL South Asia League Stage will kick off in less a few hours as teams lay it all on the line. 


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