Former Pro Player and MLBB Streamer, Jess No Limit Crosses 15 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Shounak Sengupta
6/Jun/2020 09:34 am

Cover and thumbnail via @Jess No Limit

  • Tobias Justin aka Justin No Limit is a pro player turned streamer from Indonesia. 
  • The 24-year primarily creates content around Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. 

One of the most popular gamer’s to come out of Indonesia, Tobias Justin, also known as Jess No Limit, has now crossed 15 Million subscribers on YouTube. The 24-year old former pro player and streamer only started his channel in late 2017 and in less than 3 years has gone on to become a superstar in the Southeast Asian gaming community. 

Having represented Evos Legends, one of the most popular teams in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, JNL is now a full time streamer and influencer. JNL’s climb to YouTube success shows just how popular mobile titles are in Asia. Justin is still part of EVOS Esports as a content creator and his growth has been phenomenal to watch. His channel had 10 Million subs in the beginning of April and in just 2 months he has added another 5 Million. That’s an average of  over 160K subs a day for the last 2 months. 


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