Call of Duty: Mobile Delays Launch Of Season 7 Amidst Protests Citing ‘Now is not the Right Time’

Shounak Sengupta
2/Jun/2020 04:48 pm

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  • Call of Duty have delayed the release of Season 4 of Modern Warfare and Season 7 of Call of Duty: Mobile. 
  • The move has received mixed reactions. 

Call of Duty: Mobile has announced that they will not be rolling out season 7 as the current political and social climate is not the right time. They will also be indefinitely delaying the launch of season 4 of Modern Warfare on the PC for the same reason. 

Image via @Call of Duty: Mobile

The company of course is talking about the ongoing protests in USA which looks to question and oppose the systemic discrimination against persons of color. The movement, which is largely recognized as the #BlackLivesMatter Movement has grabbed the attention of everyone with even folks in the esports and games industry releasing statements and initiating conversations regarding the topic. While in some areas, the movement has turned violent leading to clashes, violence and looting, it certainly has been one of the biggest and most vocal movements against racism in recent times. 

While the official statement makes no mention of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Call of Duty did say that they too are in the fight for equality, justice and systemic change to uplift the oppressed. However, reactions to the announcement have been mixed with many calling out the company as they feel that the decision is motivated by financial reasons. What do you guys think about the decision?


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