Thai Champions, Illuminate The Murder Disbands Roster as Players Join Valdus Esports

Shounak Sengupta
1/Jun/2020 03:18 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @Valdus Esports

  • Illuminate The Murder lets go of PUBG MOBILE Roster. 
  • The players will now play in an organization known as Valdus Esports. 

PMPL Thailand champions, Illuminate the Murder announced that they will be letting go of their PUBG MOBILE roster. The squad, who are set to play in the World League along with other regional champions will be joining an organization known as Valdus Esports. 

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In a post made by  Valdus Esport’s owner, Pongsakorn Phromthet,he thanks Illuminate for handing over the reigns of the team to him. He also talks about his commitment to taking care of the players and his long standing goal to create a sustainable ecosystem for competitive gamers. The split from Illuminate seems to be a mutual decision and the former org put out a video celebrating some key moments with the roster. 

Valdus Esports will be playing in the PUBG MOBILE World League and are currently represented by: 






Zaffer (coach) 



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