PMPL South Asia Week 2: Orange Rock Continue To Deliver as MegaStars Show Up to Play

Shounak Sengupta
30/May/2020 06:20 pm

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  • PMPL South Asia continues as we are almost at the end of week 2. 
  • Orange Rock continue to lead the table while the battle for second and third has begun to heat up. 

The penultimate day of week 2 at PMPL South Asia saw a big performance by MegaStars, allowing the team to jump to the 5th spot on the leaderboard. Starting off slow, the team found 2 chicken dinners in the final two matches of the day, which as a matter of fact are their only two wins across the entire league stage. 

Image via @PUBG MOBILE India

Meanwhile, table toppers Orange Rock continue to pile on the pressure becoming the first team to crack the 400 point mark. They have kept on adding win after win across the match days and find themselves 61 points ahead of second placed Godlike, who do have 1 game in hand.  However, Godlike’s form has taken a dip and they themselves are facing the heat from a bunch of teams such as SynerGE, Fnatic, MegaStars and TSM-Entity. 

MegaStar’s Vexe leads the kill leaderboards with 52 kills, a good 9 ahead of OR’s Mavi, having played 3 extra games. He is likely to be the MVP for the week and his team are in position to win the week 2 bounty for most points. They have accumulated 205 points over the course of week 2 but only have one game remaining. Both Orange Rock and Fnatic can challenge them on the final day, where they will play out their remaining matches, but will have to average above 10 points per game. 

Image via @PUBG MOBILE India

Day 3 of week 2 saw Fnatic starting things off with a win on Erangel, followed by OR and then TSM-Entity with MegaStars taking the win in the final two games. TSM-Entity despite being favorites have struggled quite a bit, especially considering that everyone expects them to sweep away the competition. The team continued to play without Neyooo, who is one of their most crucial players and have yet to disclose a reason as to why he has been benched. On the other hand, one team who has consistently managed to impress has been SynerGE. While they have been somewhat inconsistent with their finishes, the team has the 150 kills spread very evenly between Seervi, Ted and Austinx. While they too have only one game left this week, the still are poised for a top 5 finish in week 2.

Orange Rock’s commanding lead and dominating form makes them favorites to win the league stage and take the spot at the World League. However, with the top 3 teams all receiving spots as well, the battle for second and third continues to remain close. For now, 7 teams are within reaching distance of those two coveted spots and with only one week remaining after tomorrow, no team will spare any quarters. 


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