Free Fire Announces New Elite Pass - Fabled Fox

Shounak Sengupta
29/May/2020 10:27 am
  • Free Fire's latest Elite Pass goes live on 1st June. 
  • The EP is called Fabled Fox and follows a Japanese street gang theme.

Free Fire is once again taking Survivors deep within its universe, this time set in the present day, for its latest Elite Pass (EP), Fabled Fox. The new EP will launch on June 1, 2020, and features powerful gangs and a story of revenge as two gang leaders return to a home they were forced out of. The EP will also include rewards such as Kitsune’s Riposte & Revenge skin sets and the Fabled Foxes Motor Bike.

The Fabled Fox EP stars two protagonists: Ben and Zarya. Both grew up in the Salter District but were forced out as adolescents when the Smaki Gang took over. Their new home is controlled by the Vulpes, a far worse situation. Coerced to join the Vulpes and rise through the ranks in order to survive, a decade has passed and Ben and Zarya are now leaders. They decide now is the time to use their ferocity and cleverness to take back the Salter District from the Smaki Gang.

In the Fabled Fox EP, Survivors can earn a number of themed rewards that include:

Kitsune’s Riposte / Revenge skins: Male and female skin sets featured in the Fabled Fox key art.

Fabled Foxes Rucksack: A new backpack skin that has a special effect when worn.

The Dashing Fox: A new skateboard skin whose tail is in the shape of the tail of a nine-tailed fox.Fabled Foxes 

Loot Crate: A new loot box skin that resembles the Fabled Foxes’ mask.

Fabled Foxes Motor Bike: A new moto bike skin that helps players look even more intimidating as they ride down a road.

The Fabled Fox EP was inspired by Inari Okami from Japanese mythology, also known as Inari, the Japanese god of foxes. This god represents fertility, agriculture and industry, general prosperity, and worldly success. Based on this lore, the Fabled Fox skin set is themed like the animal and combines Japanese-style garments with contemporary streetwear. It’s yet another fusion of differentiating designs that Free Fire is proud to offer to Survivors.



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