Aman Apologizes After Accusing Other Teams For Unfairly Targeting Soul

Shounak Sengupta
22/May/2020 10:23 am
  • Soul's Aman accused other teams of targeting them unfairly but has issued an apology for this statement. 
  • Aman explained that his comments were made in anger and he respects the other squads. 

Soul’s Aman had made a claim that other teams have been targeting them and working together to stop them in matches. While streaming, the player explained that it felt like it was Soul versus 16 other teams in the games that they have been playing. He also explained that other team’s might be jealous of Soul’s popularity and large fanbase, leading to such a situation. 

Aman went on to explain that it almost felt as if most of the team’s had made a pact to target Soul. While Aman said that most of the teams were guilty of this behavior a few such as Team IND were playing their own game. The issue started when a player from Megastars uploaded a meme video after killing Soul. The video was taken down and the organization issued an apology after receiving backlash from Soul fans. More recently, TSM-Entity’s Neyoo was also caught expressing his dislike for Soul in a stream which he didn’t know was live at the time. In the clip he can be seen saying that he would rather have any team on top but not Soul. Additionally, Celtz and Legstump have been repeatedly accused of trying to disrupt Soul in recent games. Aman’s statement was obviously frustrating for other teams who maintained that they were only playing their own game. 

Celtz's Roxx expresses frustration with Aman's comments as Aman apologizes | Image via @Aman and @Roxx

One player, Celtz’s Roxx said that he himself is a big fan of Mortal and Soul and has nothing but respect for the team. He explained that Soul who have such a big fanbase have to be careful with what their players are saying as it may end up provoking their fans to harass and abuse other teams. Angry at Aman’s comments, Roxx finished by saying that every team had worked hard to be where  they are and their team simply caught Soul in their rotation. 

Soul’s Aman has since rendered an apology since then, saying that he made the comments in anger. He also apologized to Legstump and Celtz saying that he respects them. Hopefully this should resolve the tension between Soul and other squads. This will be especially important considering that PMPL South Asia is set to restart later today.

It’s great to see players stepping up and apologizing for their mistakes and while Aman’s feelings are understandable, it’s not right to accuse other teams over a couple of bad games. Hopefully everyone concerned can now put this behind them and move on and focus on what is important.  


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