Pro Player and Streamer, Novaking Lets Slip That Team Liquid Will be Picking Up Godlike's PUBG MOBILE Roster

Shounak Sengupta
19/May/2020 11:25 am
  • Novaking mentions on stream that Team Liquid will be picking up Godlike's PUBG MOBILE roster.
  • The statement comes after weeks of speculation that Godlike are being approached by an international organization. 

EDIT: Godlike have officially reached out to us to clarify that this is indeed just a rumor and not to be taken seriously.

One of India's top pro players and streamers, Rahul 'Novaking' Dhankar who plays for Team Powerhouse that another Indian team, Godlike are soon going to be playing under the Team Liquid banner. The statement comes after weeks of speculation about which international team is coming to India next. 

While it's safe to say that this is still a rumor, the fact that Novaking did make the statement with a certain amount of confidence. Neither Godlike nor Team Liquid have confirmed this fact but Godlike's owner, pro player and streamer, Kronten has repeatedly talked about being approached by an international organization on stream. In fact, in a recent stream, Kronten discussed  that he was sad about having to give up the Godlike tag. While it was widely believed that French organization, Team Vitality would be the next international organizations to come to India, it seems as if we might be in for a surprise. 


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