The Return of Soul; Fan Favorites Spotted Dominating at The Skyesports Grandslam Tournament

Shounak Sengupta
17/May/2020 03:51 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @Soul Viper

  • Soul have been crushing their competition as the Skyesports Grandslam event. 
  • This marks the return to form for the team who have been struggling for the past few weeks. 

After what was been a rough period for the Soul, the fan favorite organization seems to be back to form as they were seen dominating in the Skyesports Gradnslam tournament, the past two days. Over the course of 2 days and 8 maps, the team have picked up 3 chicken dinners and are currently leading the table with a sizable 47 point advantage. Soul’s Regaltos and Viper are currently the kill leaders while Aman is also in the top 5 leaderboards. While the team did hit a rough patch in, just a week or so ago, in true Soul fashion, they seem to have found winning ways. 

Image via @Skyesports

Team IND and Orange Rock are in second and third place respectively and there are still two days of action left in the tournament as of now. In other news, what was unique about the second day was that Fnatic were spotted playing with their coach, Aurum who in hindsight did not fare too badly despite his lack of experience on the mobile. Team IND, Soul and Team Kerala were able to pick up wins on the second day. 


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