Sc0utOP Says He Can’t Wait To Leave Fnatic After PMPL On Stream

Shounak Sengupta
16/May/2020 07:42 am

In yet another incident showing the lack of unity between the players in the Fnatic PUBG MOBILE roster, star player Tanmay ‘ScoutOP’ Singh was caught expressing his frustration with the team. The incident is just one of several regular flare ups between players that have happened publicly. 

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The incident took place as the team were playing one of their official games and the team found themselves pincered down. While players fell one by one, Owais found himself alive and getting pushed by other players. Despite his teammate being in a clutch situation, Scout continued to discuss the situation leading to their deaths as Owais asked for silence to help him hear better. However, he too was killed and was visibly upset, asking Scout to be calm and keep the discussions for after the game, so as to allow him to play his game. 

Despite a lot of hype and star power in and around the team, Fnatic's journey has been rocky and marred with internal issues | Image via @Fnatic_pubgm

Scout did not react well to this and got angry as he went on a rant, eventually saying that he couldn’t wait for PMPL to get over, so that he could leave the team. While it is obvious that the players were annoyed and frustrated, leading to the situation, it was undoubtedly a highly unprofessional remark. While the troubles in the Fnatic squad are quite apparent and have flared into shouting matches in public, the squad has recently found some semblance of form and are performing consistently. 

However, as time passes, it’s becoming really obvious to the fans that this roster has an expiry date. Regular arguments between players on stream and constant complaining have become commonplace and there seems to be no end to the frustration for both players and fans. In a recent Instagram post, the team’s international manager, Victor Bengtsson also mentioned that the team will be forced to make roster changes once the season is over. However, Scout himself has confirmed that he will be playing in the PUBG MOBILE India Series with Fnatic, later on in his stream. 

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Whatever the case, one thing that is expected from all players is professionalism and like several times in the past, Sc0utOP has once again chosen to show a side of himself that simply is undeserving of the tag of a professional player. Despite the organization taking a stance and saying that player's need to be aligned to Fnatic's values, incidents like these leave sour note in everyone's mouths. While one can hope that the players and the team are able to work things out between themselves, it seems to be a long shot. What's most concerning is that this isn’t the first of such an incident and neither does it feel like it will be the last. 

A link to the clip can be found here.


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