OR Championship: Legends Rise - Marcos Gaming Maintain a Slim Lead Going Into The Final Day

Shounak Sengupta
14/May/2020 04:00 pm
  • Marcos Gaming lead the table going into the final day of the tournament. 

The penultimate day of the OR Championship got off to a blistering start with TSM-Entity finally showing up to play with a massive 21 kill chicken dinner. While this most probably won’t make up for their lackluster performance on the rest of the days, it certainly was a blockbuster start to the day.  

As the dust settles and we head towards the final day, Marcos Gaming claim the top position with an 8 point lead. Orange Rock, Fnatic and 7Seas are close behind with 7Seas taking one chicken dinner earlier today to keep things interesting. 4 days of action and 12 maps has seen no team pick up more than 2 chicken dinners and things are extremely close at the top. 

Image via @Orange Rock

Fnatic’s Owais continues to lead the charts for most kills, having registered 24 frags to his name. His teammate, ScoutOP is in 5th place with 19 while OR’s Viru and Anto as well as Marcos Gaming’s The Dude occupy the 2nd-4th spots. 

With such a fine margin, things will certainly go down to the wire as we head into the final day and the final three maps tomorrow. Stay tuned for all the updates from the tournament and to find our which team walks away as champions! 


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