PMPL SEA vs South Asia Week 3: TSM-Entity Defend South Asia’s Pride With First Win But SEA Teams Still Impress

Shounak Sengupta
10/May/2020 06:38 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @TSM India

  • TSM-Entity Win Week 3 of PMPL SEA vs South Asia. 
  • This is the first time in three weeks that a team from South Asia won. 

The third and final week of the PMPL SEA vs South Asia scrims came to an end with TSM-Entity being declared the winners. This marks the first time in three weeks where a team from South Asia has been able to win, with Bigetron winning in week 1 and MiTH winning in week 2. Thailand’s Faze Clan came in second with 167 points, finishing 18 points behind TSM-Entity. 

Day 3 saw teams from SEA absolutely crush the competition with Onic grabbing the win in the first and third maps and SEA Champions, Yoodo Gank ending their campaign with a win. From South Asia, UMumba and Elementrix were able to find wins on the final day. 

Image via @PUBG MOBILE Esports

In the overall standings, 3 out of the 4 SEA teams finished in the top 5 with TSM-Entity taking top spot and Godlike claiming fourth. However, the skill gap between most South Asian teams and those from SEA became more and more apparent as the weeks progressed. Despite the SEA teams playing with a ping disadvantage, they won 2 out of the three weeks and even in terms of consistency and kills were able to match up to their South Asian counterparts.

While the likes of Fnatic, TSM-Entity, Megastars, Orange Rock and Godlike were able to put up some fights on certain weeks, the same cannot be said for many of the other teams in the region. 


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