PMPL SEA vs South Asia Scrims Week 3: TSM-Entity Continue to Dominate as Faze Clan Starts Off Campaign With 2 Chicken Dinners

Shounak Sengupta
9/May/2020 04:43 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @Faze Clan Thailand

  • TSM-Entity impressed yet again on day of the PMPL SEA vs SA scrims week 3. 
  • Faze Clan also won 2 chicken dinners and could be contenders for the top spot on the final day. 

TSM-Entity are poised to be the first South Asian team to win a week in the PMPL SEA vs South Asia scrims as the team continued their dominating form on day 2 of the matches. While the team will not feature on the final day, they have established a solid lead at the top sitting at a whopping 185 points after 10 games. While team’s from Group A are currently in the following positions, TSM’s real threat comes from Faze Clan, who will need to pick up an unlikely 101 points on the final day to beat TSM-Entity. 

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The second day of matches saw TSM-Entity add 98 points to their existing tally, courtesy of 1 chicken dinner and finishing in the top 3 in 3 other occasions. They also added an impressive 47 kills to their name, averaging a whopping 9.4 kills per game. Three of TSM-Entity’s players are in the top 5 of the kills leaderboard, with star player Jonathan sitting on top with 32 to his name. 

TSM-Entity continue their fine form with yet another impressive tally on Day 2 | Image via @PUBG MOBILE Esports

Meanwhile, the team who are favorites from the SEA side, Thailand’s Faze Clan were impressive as well on their opening day. They picked up 84 points courtesy of two chicken dinners, both on Erangel. New pickup, TonyK was also impressive as he padded his stats in each and every game. Other than Faze and TSM-Entity, Fnatic and Orange Rock were the 2 teams who picked up chicken dinners. 

With Day 2 being complete, teams from Group A are now done with their matches. This includes: TSM-Entity, Godlike, Marcos Gaming, Team Tamilas, Soul, Talent, Jyaanmara and SynerGE. Soul’s horrendous run continues as the team only added 19 points on the day and are likely to finish in last place this week. Hopefully, this dip in form only extends to this set of games and team are able to bounce back soon. Judging by current form, both Orange Rock and Fnatic can improve their position on day 3 or atleast, look to pick up the maximum number of points and finish as high as possible. 


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