PMIS 2020 Format Explained

Shounak Sengupta
7/May/2020 07:22 pm

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  • PMIS 2020 is divided into 5 stages. 
  • The tournament has a prize pool of INR 50 lakh.  

The PUBG MOBILE India Series is one of the most prestigious events in the Indian PUBG MOBILE calendar and its 2019 edition is widely regarded as the tournament where it all started. Unlike many other tier 1 competitions, it allows squads of all skill levels to take part together and given its tiered structure, everyone has a fair shot of making it to the big stage.The INR 50 lakh prize pool aside, the tournament offers a chance for something as unique - a platform to make a name and establish your team as the stars of the future. Team Soul’s win in 2019 threw them into the limelight as both players and orgs have all gone on to achieve some big things. The 2020 edition promises the same things to its competitors, but the level of competition has risen exponentially, making it one of the toughest challenges for teams. 

PMIS is one of the true open tournaments with a massive prize pool and legitimacy attached to it. Being an open tournament, the format does have multiple tiers making the road somewhat long winded and complicated. We break down the format so that you guys know what exactly you have to do to make it in PMIS 2020. 

The competition is divided into 5 stages, the final of which will be an epic 3 day LAN (hopefully). But to make it there, the teams have to go through a long and arduous journey, starting with the in-game qualifiers: 

Stage 1 - In-game Qualifiers: The first stage will be the in-game qualifiers which will be open to all players. Once you register as a squad, you’ll have to play 15 matches, with your best 10 being scored. The top 248 teams from the in-game qualifiers will advance to the Online Qualifiers. 

Stage 2 - Online Qualifiers: The 248 teams will be joined by 8 teams who will be directly invited. The 256 teams will be divided into groups of 16, with each group playing out 2 matches. From each group the top three teams will advance to the next stage. They will be joined by the 8 teams with the highest kills as well making it a total of 56 teams. 

Stage 3 - Quarter Finals: The 56 teams will be joined by another 8 invited teams to make a total of 64 teams. The teams will be split into 4 groups of 16 and the stage will last for 4 days with each group playing on one day. The top 8 teams from each group will make it to the next stage. 

Stage 4 - Semi Finals: The format for this stage hasn’t been finalized yet but the stage will be used to filter the top 16 teams from the 32. 

Stage 5 - Finals: The Grand Finals will be a 3 days event with 6 matches being played on each days. The winners of the grand finals will be crowned the champions of PMIS 2020. 


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