iOS Users Affected as PUBG MOBILE and Other Apps Face Issues on Devices

Shounak Sengupta
7/May/2020 08:23 am
  • Certain apps and games are currently not launching on most iOS devices. 
  • The issue is known and fixes are being looked at, at the moment. 

Latest reports suggest that game's developed by Tencent are currently facing an issue that prevents the game's from launching. Both PUBG MOBILE and Call of Duty: Mobile are not launching on some iOS devices at the moment. This includes both phones and tablets. As per the latest announcement by PUBG MOBILE, they are aware of the current issues and are working to fix it. The problem is also present for Call of Duty: Mobile, however, some people have suggested that restarting the device and reconnecting to the Wi-Fi seems to have solved the problem for them. 

While there were initial concerns that PUBG MOBILE's latest update, Mad Miramar had caused some of these issues, it doesn't seem to be the case as a number of apps seem to have been affected. While hopefully the issue get's solved soon, one sector that this does affect is esports as a lot of professional players use iOS to play the game. Players such as Fnatic's Owais have already been seen putting up posts on social media talking about their inability to launch the game. 


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