Thrilling End to Gamers Without Borders as Godlike Edges Out TSM-Entity By 1 Point; $ 1.5 Million Donated To Charity

Shounak Sengupta
5/May/2020 07:43 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @Godlike Esports

  • The Gamer's Without Borders Charity tournament was played out this week.
  • Godlike won the Asia division while 1218 won the EMEA division. 
  • 1.5 Million USD was donated through this initiative. 

The Gamer’s Without Borders Charity PUBG MOBILE tournament concluded with Godlike being crowned the winners of the Asian Division and 1218 being crowned the champions of the EMEA Division. Through these two tournaments, $1.5 Million was given out to various charitable foundations. Additionally, each who participated in the tournament received $2000. 

Top 8 teams from both divisions chose the charities that they wanted to donate to | Image via @Gamers Without Borders

The first two days of the competition saw CIS’s 1218 take the win in the EMEA division, beating out The Real Deal by 7 points in the end. In Asia, or South Asia to be exact, the battle was heated with both Godlike and TSM-Entity going blow for blow till the final game of the tournament. While TSM-Entity were overall more consistent and picked up way more kills than other team in the tournament, Godlike were able to win 4 of the 12 matches which were played across 2 days. 

In the final game of the series, Godlike pulled out a 15 kill chicken dinner, that allowed their team to finish the competition 1 point ahead of TSM-Entity. TSM’s ZGod kept things close by being the sole survivor and getting some clutch kills and placement points in the end, but it wasn’t enough. The top 8 teams from both regions were allowed to choose the charity where the money would be donated. 

Godlike won the Asia Division by the finest of margins | Image via @Gamers Without Borders

This concludes week 1 of the Gamers Without Borders which was centered around PUBG MOBILE. The upcoming weeks will focus on other titles and a total of $10 Million will be distributed to charity via this initiative.  

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