Garena Has Launched an App For Gaming Videos Called BOOYAH!

Shounak Sengupta
5/May/2020 10:07 am

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  • The app provides a new way for people from any background to discover and share game-related video content.
  • Enables users to livestream gameplay, upload videos, chat with the community, and play games together with their favourite streamers.

Garena has launched BOOYAH!, its all-in-one platform for gaming videos, in India. Available on both the Google Play Store and Apple iOS App Store, as well as via its web version, BOOYAH! aims to bring the gaming community together by being a dedicated platform for people of any background to create their own video content, chat with like-minded people, and play together with their favourite streamers. BOOYAH! is also running a series of special events to give users a chance to earn Free Fire in-game rewards and real money (in USD).

 Seven popular Indian streamers have already signed on to BOOYAH! – Gamers Zone, SK SABIR GAMING, Sooneeta, HELPING GAMER, UnGraduate Gamer, Gaming Subrata Live, and LOKESH GAMER.

BOOYAH! Features

 As an all-in-one platform for gamers to discover and share game-related video content, BOOYAH! offers a host of exciting features.

 Live streaming: Users will be able to live stream their own gameplay on BOOYAH! as well as to major streaming platforms like Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming, and Twitch. Users will be able to restream and chat with viewers on all platforms simultaneously at no cost.

 Automatically generate Free Fire match highlights: Users will be able to link their Free Fire accounts to BOOYAH!, allowing them to automatically generate a compilation of each match’s highlights, including kills, near misses, and of course, the BOOYAH!. Players will be able to share their highlights on their social media. They can also save these videos to their devices.

Play with their favourite streamers: Streamers can create custom rooms that allow their viewers to play with their favorite streamers.

BOOYAH! Events

The app will also host events in a bid to attract users to the platform. 

 Launched in April and running every week all through the month, the Streamer Power and Diamond x Streamer events saw viewers stand a chance to win Free Fire loot by tuning in to BOOYAH!-verified streamers. 

 Daily Tasks, which just finished on 26 Apr, will start a new chapter on 11 May, allowing streamers to collect BOOYAH Tickets by completing various tasks and getting Free Fire Diamonds as rewards.

 Starting 1 May, popular streamers can earn real money (in USD) or Free Fire Diamonds through the Streamer Programme.

 BOOYAH! has also prepared two online esports events. The first, the Scrim Wars, see the top 48 teams in India battle it out for the monthly prize pool of Rs. 5,00,000! These started on 28 April, and take place weekly, every Tuesday and Wednesday. The Streamers Battle sees the country’s top 12 streamers battle it out for the monthly prize pool of 2,00,000 Free Fire Diamonds. These started on 30 April, and take place weekly, every Thursday and Friday.

BOOYAH! can be downloaded both via the App Store and the iOS Store. The web version can be found here. 



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