Another Win for SEA As MiTH Dominates in Week 2 of PMPL SEA vs South Asia Scrims

Shounak Sengupta
4/May/2020 08:29 am

Cover and thumbnail via @MiTH Esports

  • SEA wins the second week of the PMPL SEA vs SA scrims, making it two in a row. 
  • MiTH won week 2 with a 31 point lead. 
  • South Asian teams performed worse than week 1. 

Thai team MiTH bullied South Asian teams in week 2 of the PMPL SEA vs SA scrims marking the second week in which SEA has achieved victory over South Asia. While week 1 was close with both Fnatic and TSM-Entity fighting hard against Bigetron RA, in week 2 MiTH were undoubtedly the most superior team finishing miles ahead of the competition.

At the end of 3 days, MiTH won with a 31 point lead and were also the highest fragging team with 75 kills. The squad managed to pick up 3 chicken dinners, which was one more than any other team could manage in the week. Another Thai team team, Power888 Esport finished in second place showing that SEA teams continue to have the edge against South Asian opponents. 

Image via @PUBG Mobile India

From South Asia, Megastars were the most impressive team but the likes of Marcos Gaming and Team IND also finished close behind. One of the highlight moments for South Asian fans was Fnatic’s back-to-back chicken dinners on the final day. However while the team was looking good for a decent finish, they met their end early at the hands of Team Tamilas in the last game, in a similar fashion to the first week. 

One obvious name which was missing from the top 9 was that of TSM-Entity, a team that is considered to be the best in South Asia. However, to be fair, the team did take a more casual approach by using their substitute, Ghatak instead of their regular roster. MiTH’s Pondzai and Power888’s Korpaii led the kills department for week two with Team Tamila’s MantyOP and SynerGE’s Ted being featured from the South Asian side. However, TSM-Entity’s Jonathan was the second highest damage dealing player in the week,. 

Image via @PUBG Mobile India

This is the second week when SEA has beaten South Asia in the inter-regional scrims. Teams from South Asia will have one last shot in the third week, when the likes of Faze Clan comes to prove their mettle. Stay tuned for all the updates and news from the world of PUBG MOBILE.    


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