Controversial PUBGM Star, Sixless Joins OMEN Elite after Hiatus

Shounak Sengupta
3/May/2020 11:44 am

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  • Sixless joins OMEN Elite as a content creator. 
  • The player has apologized for his past actions and will be trying to set a better example for his fans from here on out. 

One of NA’s finest PUBG MOBILE talents, Brandon Cole ‘Sixless’ Patterson was the centre of a recent controversy that saw the player being removed from Cloud9, after making some controversial statements. The incident showed that despite the young age of some players, organizations value professionalism a lot more than a lot of player’s would have you believe. 

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While Sixless has always maintained an edgy and entertaining personality, his decision to go after Indian teams and players was not taken kindly by a region that has one of the most passionate and loyal followings in the game. While in hindsight, the decision to remove him from the roster does seem a tad bit harsh, the player himself has apologized for his actions and has been focusing on himself in recent weeks. 

Yesterday, Sixless announced that he has joined OMEN Elite as a content creator. In the announcement post, the player talked about how he was ashamed of his behavior in the past and that he has realized the error in his ways. He apologized to everyone he hurt and said that he wants to set a good example for his fans and make the community a better place for all. For now, he has decided to step away from competitive gaming and focus on being a content creator as he looks to regain the trust of his fans. He also said that he would be undergoing sensitivity training to help that has been offered by OMEN Elite as part of the agreement that would see him be a part of the roster. 

Despite his tainted past, Sixless seems to have found the motivation and confidence and determination to move ahead. It’s good to see players, address their mistakes and work towards improving them as it shows both growth and maturity. Let’s hope that both the player and his fans can move forward and start building a more positive future for themselves. 



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