Colombian Footballers James Rodriguez and David Ospina Play Free Fire For Charity

Shounak Sengupta
2/May/2020 10:42 am

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  • Colombian footballers David Ospina and James Rodriguez recently played Free Fire in a charity event.
  • They were joined by top streamers from the region. 

Colombian Footballers, James Rodriguez and David Ospina recently faced off against each other in Free Fire in a match for charity. The two stars of the world of football teamed up with top streamers from the LATAM region such as Los Zens, Blazze, Flor Tamayo, Juanma Manco, Kurko and Andrés Gamer. 

The two teams were led by Ospina and Rodriguez as the 8 players squared off in an arena style round based shoot out. Although the experience was different from the traditional BR experience that Fee Fire offers, it was still a good experience for the fans. The move also shows the mainstream attraction of mobile titles such as Free Fire in the LATAM region. James Rogriguez is one of the most popular players in top flight football, and has represented team's such as Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. His opponent, Ospina is the goalkeeper for the national squad and has played for clubs such as Arsenal and Napoli. 


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