PMPL SEA vs South Asia Scrims Week 2 - MiTH Slices and Dices Through South Asian Teams on Day 1

Shounak Sengupta
1/May/2020 05:50 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @MiTH Esports

  • Thailand's MiTH caused some heavy casualties on the opening day of week 2. 
  • South Asian favorites, TSM-Entity had a disappointing opening day. 

Thailand’s MiTH spared no quarter as they dominated teams from South Asia on day 1 of week 2 at the PMPL South Asia vs SEA scrims. While MiTH finished in bottom place at the PMPL Thailand finals, the team bounced back to show that they are still the same menacing side who won the PMCO Fall Prelims and then placed in 3rd in the Fall Finale in 2019. 

The team’s performance has been by far the best by a team in the SEA vs SA scrims as they racked up a whopping 105 points in just 5 games. This included 2 chicken dinners and 39 frags with 3 players from MiTH sitting in the top 5 fraggers list. With this, they have taken a 38 point lead ahead of TeamIND, who were the best team from South Asia and managed to win one map. Also among the winners on day 1, were VSG.Crawlers and Power888, all of whom picked up one chicken dinner each. 

A massive performance by MiTH on day 1 of week 2 | Image via PUBG Mobile India

However, one SEA team who did not have the best of days was Indonesia’s Aura Esports and the team find themselves in 15th place. Another big surprise was TSM-Entity’s performance as the team struggled to hit that same consistency that saw them place third in week 1. Of course, they didn’t play with their full roster in all the game, with coach and mentor Ghatak stepping in for game 1. However, the team averaged just 6 points per game and are realistically not going to be competing for a top spot in this week’s matches. 


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