PUBG MOBILE To Host Daily Tournaments on Discord

Shounak Sengupta
1/May/2020 10:39 am

Cover and thumbnail via @PUBG MOBILE

  • PUBGM MOBILE is hosting Daily Tournaments for it's Players in North America, Europe and MENA regions.
  • The details for how to join and timings can be found on their official Discord channel.


PUBG MOBILE has announced that they will be hosting daily tournaments via their official discord channel. The initiative is part of PUBG MOBILE's #StayTnTheSafeZone program which looks to help support the fight against COVID-19 by encouraging people to stay at home.

According to an announcement made on the discord server, the following details have been made available with regards to the tournament: 

"As a part of our #stayinthesafezone campaign, we are presenting you a custom matches community tournament that will last for a month. Our focus is to provide an enjoyable experience of daily opportunities to join your friends and have the chance to win some prizes. In doing so, we will not enforce any registration process, but encourage you to keep an eye on custom match details that will be announced in #discord-events at the times specified below. If the tournament timing is not suitable for you, our partnered regional communities for France, Germany, MENA, Russia, Turkey and UK are conducting similar matches at different times. We reserve the right to replace, remove or disqualify any participant at our discretion." 

Check out the official PUBG MOBILE Discord Server for more information on the timings and prizes with regards to the event. 


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