Faze Clan Adds 14-year Old TonyK To PUBGM Roster In Preparation for Next Season

Shounak Sengupta
1/May/2020 09:30 am

Cover and thumbnail via @Faze Clan Thailand

  • Faze Clan complete their roster by signing their 4th player. 
  • The new player joining them will be 14-year old TonyK. 

Few will forget Faze Clan’s run at PMPL Thailand and the unfortunate ending that saw them being unable to qualify for the SEA Finals. Despite their weeks of consistency in the league stage, the team fell flat in the PMPL Thailand finals and were unable to place in the top 3. In early April, the team removed Wacharakorn ‘Echo’ Tieng Is from the roster and just yesterday announced that TonyK would be joining the roster. 

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The lineup now is:





MaFia (Coach)

TonyK is one of the youngest players in the Thai PUBG MOBILE scene and will be turning 14 at the end of this month. He was playing for Daytrade Gaming prior to Faze, a team that finished in 10th place at PMPL Thailand. TonyK’s addition is certainly quite fascinating as even though the player is quite young, he is known to be extremely talented. As to what, Faze and their new member can achieve, we’ll just have to wait and watch!  


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