Is that a bird? Is that a Plane? PUBG MOBILE Teases New Vehicle in Upcoming Patch

Shounak Sengupta
27/Apr/2020 04:01 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds

  • PUBG MOBILE teases a new vehicle in their upcoming patch update.

The latest PUBG MOBILE is supposed to be released on the 7th of May and already there's quite a bit of hype and excitement surrounding the release. From a new map to some balance updates, the developers have already promised as well as teased some of the upcoming changes. 

In their latest post, the team have teased a potentially new vehicle that could make its way into the game soon. While the clip is just an audio teaser, it certainly does seem quite intriguing.

The PC version of the game has added gliders to the game however, the sound isn't anywhere close to the audio clip. 


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