Konina Power Wins PMCO Europe Finals in Thrilling Fashion; Qualifies for World League

Shounak Sengupta
27/Apr/2020 10:31 am

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  • Konina Power wins PMCO Europe Regional Finals.
  • KP and Dream Eaters were separated by just 4 points at the end of the competition. 
  • KP win USD 15,000 and qualify for World League West. 

CIS’s Konina Power were declared as the champions of Europe after winning the PMCO Europe Finals last night. The 2 day online finals was closely contested, with KP winning with a margin of just 4 points thanks to back-to-back chicken dinners in the final two games. 

Incredible Finish as CIS teams Turn Up the Heat

The finals were packed with end to end action and there was no way of predicting which team would be walking away as the European champions. After the 10th match was over, KP were in 4th place, but picked up back-to-back chicken dinners to end the competition on top of the leader boards. Meanwhile, another CIS squad, Dreameaters who were in leading, only managed a 4th place in the final game as they fell short by just 4 points. 

Konina Power picked up 4 chicken dinners in the 12 games at the EU finals, but Dream Eaters finished the competition with the highest number of frags at 77. The competition between these two sides was fierce and entertaining to watch, but in the end it was KP who took the cake. 

KP’s win sees them pick up $ 15,000 and a spot in the World League West Finals. It also means that other notable European teams such as GoSkilla and Unicorns of Love have been eliminated from the competition. 

With Konina Power qualifying for the World League West, the following teams are now confirmed for the competition:

Yalla Esports - MEA Regionals

HeadQuarters - MEA Regionals

Konina Power - PMCO Europe Finals

UDR Killers - PMCO Europe

Team Unique - PMCO CIS

Futbolist - PMCO Turkey

Team Number One - PMCO Germany

Team Frag - PMCP Iraq

SNT - PMCO Saudi Arabia


These 10 teams are expected to be joined by 6 teams from PMPL Americas to complete the World League West Division. However, given the current uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic and scheduling as well as travelling issues, there is no confirmation with regards to when the matches will take place. 


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