Reddit User Discovers Trick To Make Cars Fly in PUBG MOBILE Arctic Mode

Shounak Sengupta
26/Apr/2020 03:33 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @PUBG MOBILE

  • Reddit User discovers a trick to make cars fly using drones. 
  • The method requires at least 3-4 drones

A Reddit user who goes by the handle u/PhoenixAureo has discovered a method to make cars fly in the Arctic Mode of PUBG MOBILE. The method utilizes drones to move the car and requires at least 3-4 drones. Of course, this isn't a hack, glitch or cheat as the developers have already revealed that this is an intended use of the drone. While the drones are only available in the Arctic Mode, the feature certainly does seem interesting. 

Of course, it's hard to imagine a practical implication for this trick, especially considering it's not very easy to find drones in the first place. However, if the feature is introduced into a competitive scenario, we can certainly see some interesting changes to the meta 


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