PUBG MOBILE Teases New Maps in Cryptic Message

Shounak Sengupta
25/Apr/2020 02:39 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @PUBG MOBILE

  • PUBG MOBILE teases new releases via Rolex's stream. 
  • They sent the words 'New Maps' in Morse code. 

The PUBG MOBILDE dev team has been spotted teasing new content releases in a very unique way and it has gained some notoriety among the community, especially in North America. The team has been sending clues about future announcements to content creator, Guillermo "Rolex" Jimenez whose fans have been engaging in solving said clues. 

Recently, he was a sent a clue with a morse code, which, as his his chat figured out, spelt out the words 'New Maps'. While we do not know what this means, speculations seems to suggest that this could be a teaser for Miramar 2.0, which is already released in the beta build or Karakin. Since the clue is somewhat of a marketing gimmick and there is no way to confirm what the words actually mean. However, PUBG MOBILE have also promised that they will be revealing more clues about the game's future releases via Rolex's stream. Wonder what else will be uncovered. 



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