SEA vs South Asia as PMPL Scrims Pits Teams From Different Regions Together

Shounak Sengupta
23/Apr/2020 06:22 pm

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  • The PMPL South Asia scrims will now include teams from SEA. 
  • Faze Clan, Illuminate, Bigetron, Team Secret, Faze Clan etc will all be part of the matches. 

With PMPL South Asia having been indefinitely postponed, the organizers have been constantly organizing daily scrims to give the teams something to play in and keep the viewers entertained. However with the scrims going on continuously for a while now, the organizers have decided to add a bit of a spark by inviting top SEA teams to be a part of the games. With the same South Asian teams going at it day after day, things had begun to get a bit stale, but the addition of new teams especially from other regions will definitely add some new life to the games. 

How will it work?

The 20 teams in PMPL South Asia will be joined by 4 teams from SEA each week. Week 1 will take place from 24th-26th of April. Week 2 from May 1st to 3rd and week 3 from May 8th-10th. 

From Thailand, Week 1 will have Thai champions, Illuminate the Murder, week 2 will have Power888 and MiTH and week 3 will have Faze Clan. Indonesia will be represented by Morph Team and Bigetron RA while from Malaysian champions, Team Secret will also be a part of the matches. It’s possible that more teams from the various SEA countries are a part of the matches but we will have to wait for confirmation from the organizers. 

The games will certainly be a good test for South Asian squads, who have largely been playing against domestic opponents. It will give them a chance to sharpen their skill sets as they go up against some of the best teams from the SEA region. Although these are scrim games, there will be a prize pool associated with the event, just as there has been daily prize money for the PMPL South Asia scrims. 


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