Indian PUBG MOBILE Commentator, Krat Caught Hurling Abuses and Making Threats in A Game of CSGO

Shounak Sengupta
20/Apr/2020 11:07 am
  • NODWIN Gaming's Mannu 'Krat' Karki caught in a controversy.
  • The well known PUBG MOBILE caster was spotted in a game of CSGO, using extremely offensive language along with his friends. 
  • NODWIN has placed Krat under probation and are currently investigating the incident. 

Indian esports personality and well known PUBG MOBILE commentator, Mannu ‘Krat’ Karki was found abusing and making threats to his opponents in a game of CS:GO along with his entourage of friends, in what can only be described as a shameful day for the Indian esports community. In a post made on a community group on Facebook by Rushant Malhotra, alleged that his friends were subject to a volley of abuses, casteist remarks, threats of violence in a game of CSGO against Krat and his friends.

The post contained proof of the incident, with chat logs showing some of the things that were said during the match and a video clip containing the exchange which happened via in-game audio. AFK Gaming has acquired demo of the game and verified that the player in question was indeed Krat. The core issue here is that a public figure in Indian esports who represents India’s largest tournament organizer a.k.a NODWIN Gaming was part of the group who was seen engaging in such uncivilized and disgusting behavior without any fear of repercussions or any regard to basic decency.

Krat can be seen clearly threatening Rushant about future opportunities and taunting him for working at earlier events. 

Rushant Malhotra, the person who made the original post had also worked as an admin at NODWIN Gaming's events in the past. In the chat logs, Krat is seen threatening his friend with future opportunities with the company while ridiculing him for a past event at which he worked. However, what is far worse than any of the incidents was the fact that members of the Krat's team tracked down certain family members from the opposition's side and threatened violence, including rape. The language used while issuing the threat is incredibly vile. 

Krat himself has owned up to the incident, which proves that it was indeed him in that particular game. Furthermore, a quick dive into his Steam account history and SoStronk profile will confirm the same as well. However, judging by the comments on the post, it doesn't seem as if anyone has taken the apology too well. 

We have reached out to both NODWIN Gaming and Krat for further clarification on the incident and potential repercussions. NODWIN Gaming has responded by saying "We are currently investigating the incident, and once all the facts are with us, we shall take the strictest action. Until then, we shall be placing Mannu Karki under probation. At Nodwin, our goal is to make gaming fun and enjoyable for all communities. Whether it is competitive or just a casual game, making the environment unsafe and uncomfortable for other gamers is something that we absolutely do not condone. Toxicity has no place in this world."

Writer's note: While some of the comments and statements made are downright vile, disgusting and nauseating, the truth is that online games sadly are a platform where such toxicity has been commonplace. No matter the context, no one should be using the sort of language that was used, much less a public personality such as Krat. While there is little point in discussing the horrific nature of the comments and breaking down the implications behind each of them, it’s safe to say that everything about the incident is inexcusable. While Krat himself commented on much fewer instances than his friends, it’s fair to say that everyone in that lobby is equally guilty for encouraging and letting the exchange go on for that long. Threatening someone's family with violence and rape is not only illegal but downright disgusting and there are no excuses for it. While Krat has issued an apology via his Facebook page, the apology itself feels very half baked. Not only does he feel the need to absolve himself from the blame from some of the more vile stuff, there is nothing in the apology that shows genuine remorse. 

Disclosure: NODWIN Gaming is a minority investor in and a client of AFK Gaming. 


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