Fnatic Begin Hunt for More PUBG MOBILE Players as Part of RISE Initiative

Shounak Sengupta
18/Apr/2020 12:53 pm
  • Fnatic have announced that they will be inviting teams to play under the Rise banner.

  • The initiative will be to scout for new, talented PUBG MOBILE players from India.

  • The program will kick of with an Indian squad "Blind" being the first team to be invited. 

Fnatic India have announced that they are kicking off the Fnatic Rise program in India by scouting and giving opportunities to players and teams who show promise. The Fnatic Rising brand is used internationally as well to represent up and coming squads and rosters. The announcement of the program in India will kick off with the Indian PUBG MOBILE roster "Blind" playing under the Fnatic Rise tag for the near future. Based on their performance and capabilities, a decision will be taken about what can be done with the team in the future. AFK Gaming asked Fnatic's India Country Lead, Nimish 'Nemo' Raut to tell us more about what the program means, what the brand Rise stands for and what we can expect from the organization in India. 

What is the Fnatic Rise Program?

The Fnatic Rise program is inspired by a program that Fnatic has globally, known as Fnatic Rising. We are in the midst of reshaping the program for India and launching it in a big way around mid-May. I can't share too many details right now, but the program is basically to identify the right kind of talent that fits in the current team and current personality. We want to build a solid team for the future, not just for players with great gameplay but those who can be a massive business asset as well. 

Why has Fnatic chosen to sign a second team in the same title?

I want to clarify that we haven't signed any second team. The program only looks to invite players and teams who have an inclination of playing under the Fnatic brand. The idea is that they play under the banner Rise, and we assess their gameplay, their style and if they have any synergies with the current team. Only after all this will we initiate any sort of conversation with regards to signing the team, but for now it's a tryout to decide if a player or team is worthy of playing under the Fnatic brand.

What is the reasoning behind Fnatic choosing Blind to kick off the program?

I think the team has played extremely well throughout the PMCO qualifiers and in recent tournaments as well. They are one of the teams who we think have some of the skills that we are looking for. In the future, we are looking to invite a lot of other teams, who don't have a professional set up and we will continue to scout for players to see which talent fits with the brand. Hopefully, by the end of the program, which by the way could last up to 8 months, we will find the next gem in the Indian PUBG MOBILE scene and try and make them a part of the Fnatic roster. 

Is there a way for teams to apply for the program?

There will be in the future but right now, it's invite only. However, we have plans to turn this into a much bigger initiative.


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