Season 1 of Porusplay League To Kick Off Tomorrow; Features INR 39 Lakh Prize Pool

Shounak Sengupta
14/Apr/2020 10:47 am

Cover, thumbnail and imgaes via @PorusPlay

  • Season 1 of Porus Play League kicks off on the 15th of April.
  • Features INR 39 Lakh  Prize Pool. 

 After an extensive qualifying stage, we are finally heading into the main event as the league stage of the Porusplay League kicks off tomorrow, ie. the 15th of April. The tournament, with a prize pool of 39 lakh INR is one of the biggest third party tournaments in the country and features almost all the top teams in India.

Team IND, Fnatic, SouL and TSM-Entity have been directly invited to the event while 14 other teams have made it via the qualifiers stage. Some known names include SynerGE, Marcos Gaming, 8bit, 7Seas, Godlike and Megastars among others. 

While we do not know the exact format and duration of the league stage and subsequent stage, the tournament has a good mix of known names and upcoming ones which should keep things interesting. Furthermore, there are 10 teams who aren't a part of PMPL South Asia, which means that we will be getting to see a new set of competitors unlike most scrims and online tournaments nowadays. 

When the tournament was announced, a LAN phase was also planned for the finals, however given the current COVID-19 situation, no confirmation has been given.  


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