PMCO Europe Finals - Futbolist and Team Unique Emerge As Top Contenders After Day 1

Shounak Sengupta
12/Apr/2020 08:36 am

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  • 16 European teams battling in PMCO Europe Finals.
  • Only 1 team will qualify to World League West from the Finals. 
  • 4 EU teams have already qualified via their regional PMCO. 

While much of the world may be under lock down at the time, it seems as if there’s nothing stopping esports. TOs, teams and players have all figured out a way to keep things moving and although the production quality and LAN vibe is missing, we are glad to have the game running smoothly. Like many other tournaments which have made the shift online, the PMCO Europe Finals is also being played out. With a  World League West spot on the line, the top teams in Europe are jostling for a good finish and things are getting heated up. 

The PMCO Europe Finals features teams from 4 divisions - Europe, Germany, CIS and Turkey, each of which had their own smaller PMCO leading up to the finals. The winners of each individual PMCO have already qualified for the World League but are still playing for the prize pool in the finals. The teams who won each regional PMCO and have already qualified to World League West are: 

Futbolistas - Turkey

Team Unique - CIS

UDR Killers -  Europe

Team Number One - Germany

Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of the Europe finals saw the top teams take the lead. While Futbolists are a team who have had quite a bit of success in PUBG Mobile, Unique team with their new roster have also been making a few splashes. Currently both team are engaged in a bitter battle for the top position, separated by just 4 points. While the Turkish champions, Futbolistas took a narrow lead thanks to a last game chicken dinner on day 1, Unique stayed close with their consistency, taking three top 3 finishes in six games. 

Of course, if any of these teams do take the top spots, the final team who will qualify for World League West will be the one who places highest after the already qualified teams. For now the teams who are  in the right place are Turkey’s Heroes X and CIS’s 1218 as well as Nomad Gaming. 

The final day of the European finals will determine the last EU representative at World League West. With only 5 games remaining, there’s no saying what can and will happen! 


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