New Patch Hits Free Fire - New Character, Ranked Mode for Clash Squad and More

Shounak Sengupta
8/Apr/2020 02:51 pm

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  • Garena Free Fire is rolling out a new patch tomorrow.
  • Changes include new character, new pet, new gun and ranked mode in Clash Squad among others.

A new patch will be hitting the servers tomorrow as Garena Free Fire goes through some changes. A bunch of new changes has been added to the game including a new character, tanked mode and balance changes. Here are some of the key points in the patch notes.   

Rank Mode for Clash Squad

Since Clash Squad has become a popular game mode, a ranked mode will be introduced for it. This will be a separate rank from the Battle Royale and use a different ranking mechanism. The casual mode for Clash Squads will continue to exist. 

New Character - Kapella Added

A new character called Kapella will be added to the game and while her backstory is that she is the leader of a K-Pop band, her playstyle revolves around healing and utility. 

Updates To Motorbike and New Weapon

Additionally, the motorbike will now carry two players at a time and a new weapon called the Thomson has been added to the game. The Thomson is a SMG with a bug magazine but has a lower damage when compared to other guns such as the MP40. 

Check out the full patch notes for more information such as the new pet Ottero and other balance changes.  


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