Bigetron Through to World League After Winning PMPL Indonesia

Shounak Sengupta
5/Apr/2020 04:22 pm

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  • Bigetron Esports Win PMPL Indonesia and qualify for PMWL East.
  • The top 3 teams - BTR, Morph Team and Onic Esports qualify for the SEA Finals.

 Defending World Champions, Bigetron Esports have secured themselves a spot in the PUBG Mobile World League after winning PMPL Indonesia. The favorites had a dominating performance in the league stage and kept their consistency throughout the finals, establishing themselves as the best team from the country. The team will also be representing Indonesia in the SEA Finals, along with Morph Team and Onic Esports, who also finished in the top 3. 

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The big surprise on the final day was Onic Esports who jumped all the way from 11th place to 3rd. This of course came at the cost of The Pillars Slayer, who after good performances on days 1 and 2 will not be advancing to the next stage. Onic’s Nikk was awarded the MVP of the finals stage with 38 kills to his name. 


No upsets as favorites, BTR emerge triumphant in PMPL Indonesia 

For their win, Bigetron win USD 20,000 and are guaranteed a spot in the PUBG Mobile World League East Division. Additionally they will also be moving onto the SEA Finals along with Morph Team and Onic. 

Bigetron Red Aliens - 20,000 USD and advances to SEA Finals and PMWL East

Morph Team - 14,000 USD and advances to SEA Finals

Onic Esports - 7000 USD and advances to SEA Finals

PUBG Mobile World League East

With PMPL Indonesia coming to and end, we now have 4 teams confirmed for PMWL East:

  • Bigetron - PMPL Indonesia Winners
  • Illuminate the Murder - PMPL Thailand Winners
  • FreeStyle - PMCO Pakistan Winners
  • NoChance Team - PMCO Wildcard Winners


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